Netty for Kids

We are on a mission to help parents manage their kids online content and activities and encourage kids with balanced internet usage

Who we are

Netty is building a networking device and mobile apps to help parents monitor and control online content of their kid’s devices on the home Wi-Fi network.  We are a VC funded startup based in San Jose, California, and Engineering office in Pune, India.


Our Solution for kids digital safety

Netty App and Router

Access By Group

Easily set up sites specific to type of group (age, educational, games, etc.)

Peace of Mind

One less thing to worry about knowing you kids are accessing places on the Internet you know are safe.


The parent controls where kids can go and what times they can use the internet.

Easy setup

Installs into your existing network. Use your iPhone to control access to sites you know are safe.

Kids have no protection on the internet

With Netty for Kids You Will Have
Protection From These Internet Dangers



Frequent exposures to sexually explicit material is closely linked to more permissive attitudes about sex


There are thousands of scams that prey on kids. Knockoffs, games and contests steal children’s privacy and their money


Bullying happens on both the playground and in the digital world. Hurtful words are exchanged. Rumors start easily and spread quickly. Profiles and e-mails are hacked


our kids are the product not the customer. Websites make money gathering information about who visits their website. This information is then sold to marketers.

Social Networks

40% of teens have seen pictures on social networks of their peers getting drunk, passed out, or using drugs, and half of these first saw these pictures when they were 13 or younger.

Internet Addiction

Internet addiction for kids is real. Getting them to put away their devices and come to dinner, engage in other activities, go outside or do their homework seems to be an increasingly uphill battle.


Online predators are constantly using the Internet to lure children into harms way

Haunting Posts

Once it’s posted to the Internet, it stays there forever.


Virus and malware are constantly attack you computers and phone to steal your information and your money.

Why its essential to monitor Kid’s internet usage ? 


The Netty for Kids Solution

Management App





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