Netty Setup Final

Netty Parental Control Router Installation

Netty Parental Controls Router Configuration Overview

The Netty Parental Controls Router creates a separate network in your home that you can control with the Netty App on your smartphone. Your kids will access the internet through this separate network, and you will be able to control and monitor their internet usage.

Normal home network configuration

With Netty Parental Controls Router 

Installation requires about 30-45 minutes following these steps:

1. Install Netty Router to create “kids’ only” Netty Wi-Fi network

2. Connect the kids’ devices to the Netty Wi-Fi network

          • Gather all kids’ devices together
          • and Remove (“forget”) existing Wi-Fi network from these devices
          • Identify the type of device: iPhone/ iPad/ Windows / Android / Mac
          • Connect them to Netty Wi-Fi network

3. Install Netty App on your phone—used to control your kids’ internet access

4. Create individual kids’ profiles on Netty App to customize website access

5. Install a security “certificate” on each device allowing Netty access to the device

Follow step-by-step process to complete the installation

Step 1: Install Netty Router

Typically, your internet provider (such as Comcast or AT&T) provides you with a router—a piece of equipment that lets you connect your devices to the internet—we will call this your “Home Router.”  This router has cables and a power adapter connected to it. We now need to connect the Netty Router your Home Router.

A  Connect the supplied yellow “ethernet” cable to the blue port (the WAN port) on       the back of your Netty box.

Connect the other end of the yellow cable to an available “LAN” port on the               back  of your internet company-supplied router.  Normally there will be 4 to 8             numbered LAN ports on the back of your router. Just plug the yellow cable into       any one of these ports that is available (empty).

Plug in the Netty box with the supplied power adapter and wait for about 60             seconds for it to boot up.

Step 2: Connect the kids’ devices to the Netty Wi-Fi network

To monitor your kids’ devices, they will need to access the internet through the Netty router’s Wi-Fi network. You will remove (“forget”) the existing Wi-Fi network from your kids’ devices and add “Netty-XXXX” Wi-Fi network to those devices.

We have provided different steps for different devices.  Typically, your kids will have an iPhone, iPad, Android Samsung phone, Android Tablet, Windows PC & Laptop,MacBook, or Chromebook.  For other devices, you will need to consult their user manual to determine how to remove the existing Wi-Fi connection and add them to the Netty Wi-Fi network.

Select the device which you use and follow the step by step instructions.

Step 3: Install the Netty App on your phone

The Netty Router App will allow you to monitor and control your kids’ activity on Netty Wi-Fi network at home.

A Go to the App Store and search for “Netty Router” in the App Store. Download the            Netty App .   

Launch the app and login with the provided username and password.

Step 4: Create individual kids’ profiles on Netty App

By creating profiles for each kid, you can separately monitor and control their internet access through the Netty Wi-Fi network.  You will be able to view internet browsing history, set allowable websites, set internet access schedules (i.e., turn off at bedtime), pause internet access for meals or just to get your kids attention !

Follow the steps below:

A  Once you are logged in, inside the app dashboard, click on   and you         will  go to a new screen

Enter the kids’ name, grade and choose the devices which this kid has access           to.

Repeat A and B for each child.  Each device is associated with a single profile, so if your kids share a device, you should put that device in the most restrictive profile—the one for the youngest child.

Once we have completed the profile creation, we will proceed to the last step of this entire installation process mentioned below.

This certificate is required in order to give Netty the ability to monitor and control your child’s activity on the internet.  Without it installed a particular device, Netty will not be able to provide or monitor access for that device.

A  Go to your kids’ device and open a browser: Chrome or Safari or Microsoft Edge

B  Open the website and follow the process on every kids          device which is connected to Netty network